“The kids who need love the most will ask for it in the most unloving ways.”

I’m not sure who that quote is by, but if you have spent any time with kids you know that it is often true.  I remember when I wanted my parents’ attention I didn’t generally go about it in the best way.  I know that’s probably hard to believe considering how mild mannered I am. 😉

I don’t believe that those actions necessarily stop once we are no longer children.  I know once after losing someone I cared a lot about, I did stupid things to try to get him to care.  I found out today that I have a cousin who is living a dangerous lifestyle.

My heart instantly broke a little because I knew the little girl she was, and I also know she has been lost.  She has been lost for a while now.  I also know that she is looking for love or fulfillment in ways that will never satisfy.

What is it about getting hurt that makes us think we should lower our standards? That we have to change what is important to us in order to find happiness? For starters: we’re probably looking for fulfillment in the wrong places.  We also don’t believe we are actually worth it.

Your value is not dependent upon anyone else.  PLEASE remember that.  You were made with a purpose, and that purpose isn’t dependent upon any one other person.

It is an amazing gift to have a supportive, loving family.   There are some people who didn’t receive that blessing, but it doesn’t change their value.  It does make it harder for some to see their worth.

I still love and adore that little girl. (She’ll always be little to me.) Is early 20s still little? I don’t know.  I do know that we need to try to make those around us feel loved and important.  I also know many people have a story that we often can’t even begin to understand.

If you are here, you have a purpose.  No one is here by accident.  You are perfect the way you are.  Your value is NOT dependent upon any other person.

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