Foster Care

Today I posted a picture of the husband and myself.  Underneath it I mentioned us going to foster class. I’m a pretty open book, and don’t mind discussing my life-especially if it produces laughter. 🙂 Yes, we have been attending foster classes for about a month now. So we’re actually about halfway done.  Yes, we have had one successful adoption, one unsuccessful adoption, and two biological kids in our 9 years as a married couple. Yes, it’s a lot. Too much? I’m not so sure.

Because here’s my thing people, I don’t want to live a life of comfort. I want to live a life that matters. Not one that matters to me (or for me), but one that matters for others. I could tell you we are doing it because we really would love another baby the same color as Baby K, so she has that commonality with someone else in this house. (Which would be true). I could tell you I’ve always wanted a big family. (Which would also be true). I could claim to be a bit crazy. (Which MIGHT also be true).

But the biggest reason is, there are kids (and people) all over the world who need people advocating for them. There are close to a hundred kids daily in the foster care system. Some of these children will be reunited with their families, but several won’t. What’s worse, some of these children will age out of the foster system, never feeling that never-ending love of a family.

Tonight we were discussing with our children what foster care may look like in our home once we begin. Tripp said “can we have a black baby?” Can I tell you guys something? My heart almost exploded. I, by no means, think Tyler and I will do everything right while raising our kids. Actually, my main hope is I don’t do anything TOO big to mess them up! 😉 My child has learned that genetics aren’t the most important thing when making a family. He isn’t holding some ideal of how families should come to be.  He would actually like to add more diversity to our circus.

It will never fail to amaze me that there are times, where we hear the most opposition from Christian voices we have around us. This is at the heart of the Gospel people! We are told to die to self. (But we only want to do that as long as it’s still in our comfort zone?) We read that we are to defend the fatherless and weak. (As long as it doesn’t disrupt my schedule?) If we have excess we are to share with others. (As long as I can still get my nails done every two weeks?). (P.S. Fostering in the state of Kansas mostly paid for!)

Friends, we have missed it by so much! So many of us think our coming to Christ is the climax of our Christian walk, it’s not! It’s just the beginning! So many of us are content to just sit and marvel at our being saved by faith through grace. You weren’t saved to just sit and marvel at being saved!

If those of us who can give children good homes-aren’t, what is going to happen to these kids? No, I’m not saying everyone should go out and start foster classes. It’s a big deal and something that EVERYone in your house should be on the same page with. We can all advocate. We can all provide support if we see a mother struggling. We can offer a meal to someone who we know is overwhelmed. There is a big number of kids in the system nowadays-and yes, the system will fail sometimes. If we don’t step in and fill the gaps, who will?

So here’s the way I view it: some things are worth being spent for. This is one of them. When we learn to think less of our selves and more of others, we can start to see change.

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  1. Bravo, McKenzie!! So very proud of you two!! As of today, Kansas has over 7,000 children in the system who need to feel love and joy!! It’s about the kids!!!!

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