Spectacles of Glory

Foster Care class is pretty “up there” on my list of uncomfortable situations in life. Yes, we’ve been through adoption before. We have never had to take “classes” before. Let me tell you, it’s one thing to feel sad knowing that some kids are in bad situations in life. It is entirely another to learn about specific stories, to try to figure out how to relate to these children.

We are taking the class with a couple of friends of ours. I think it’s safe to say we are all emotionally exhausted every time a class is over. We also know this is pain with purpose. We are now nearing the end of our classes. It’s time that all of us are buckling down on trying to get the necessary things done to our house, finish paperwork, take First Aid classes, etc.

Our cabinets all must have magnetic locks on them. (This is a new thing since I started with kids almost 9 years ago). It’s this little magnet that you touch to the outside of a cabinet and it unlocks the latch on the inside of the cabinet. You get 2 magnets per package of 12. The hubs and I decided we would put one magnet in the kitchen (because MOST of the cabinets are in there…and we can hide it where the kids can’t see). We put the second one in a drawer of ours, because we also have the awesome problem of having to hide them where a super cute, really ornery 3 year old girl can’t grab and hide them.

As you can tell from my description, it’s not really convenient. It will better once I remember that we have to use the magnet. (Rather than running to the kitchen in middle of trying to get ready). It will still be inconvenient.

I’ve been reading in Philippians about some of Paul’s journeys. Paul was imprisoned, yet was still praying and singing songs. (Acts 16:25). Imprisonment is pretty bad, right? His imprisonment was following his clothes being torn off and being beaten. (I heard a Pastor once say if you leave a fight with your pants off, you’ve lost that fight. 😂). So not only was he beaten and imprisoned, he probably felt degraded. I can’t imagine. Most of us will never have to imagine, but here I am wanting to complain about a little inconvenience in my cause for Christ.

I think it’s a fairly new idea in the Christian culture that we should live a life of comfort. Things of Jesus don’t often make sense to us (who are in the flesh). The Bible tells us when I am weak, then I am strong. When you are humble, you can lead. In our sufferings, we are blessed. (If they are sufferings for the cause of God). Things of God shouldn’t make sense to us right off the bat. The peculiar helps others to look harder at a situation, to try to figure out what is different. If everything made sense to our human eyes, we would never look to God.

Melissa Kruger says it well when she says “Our commitment to rejoice in God’s goodness is most put to the test when we suffer. However, it’s also that time when our praise and joy in Christ shine forth in greater radiance, causing the watching world to wonder at our hope.”

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