All Things New

Fall is my favorite season. I love seeing the leaves change colors. I love mums. Two of my kid’s birthdays are in the Fall. I love the crisp mornings and cool evenings.

Winter on the other hand is a different story. I love a good snow or two, but after that I’m generally done with it. Something that I read a few years ago changed my perspective. I don’t remember who wrote what I had read, and I can’t remember the exact wording.

The sentiment discussed how during the winter, there is a lot of change happening under ground that we can’t see. Tree roots are growing, bulbs are taking root, etc. All of these things we are unaware of until Spring rolls around and we see the flowers bloom and leaves on the trees again.

Every season brings newness to it. The winter is a season of rest. There is nothing we can physically do help nature grow during winter. We wait until Spring to see all the newness has emerged.

I have friends that tease “you love watching leaves fall to their death every year”. 😜. This may be true, but the Spring brings newness and the “death” of the leaves is necessary.

It makes me think of the conference I was at last weekend. We talked about how God is making all things new. In Revelation 21 God says “…Behold, I am making all things new…” There will come a time that God will make EVERYTHING new. There will be no more crying, no evil, no pain. I believe this is such perfection that we can’t even imagine with our finite minds. The Garden Of Eden was a picture of this perfection, but it still wasn’t perfection itself.

We don’t have to wait until the new world to be made new. When you come into a saving relationship with God, you begin a new life while here in earth. God begins changing your heart and making things new to you now. Will they be perfect? No. They will be new. They will have a blossom and fragrance like you’ve never known. You will learn to un-naturally die to self and begin to live for God and others. I heard a quote once, “belief in Jesus trusts in advance what will makes sense in reverse.”

Much like the growth and change that occurs underground during winter. There is often change occurring in people that we can’t see. God could already be working His way into someone’s life before you are there. God could be speaking to someone before you try to speak to them. God can be causing change under the surface of people that we cannot see. It doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Be gentle and love, because He first loved us. Only God and the Holy Spirit can make all things new.

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