To my son, you drive me crazy and I love you BIG

If you read my post last week, you know I struggled when Tripp was a baby. I didn’t mention much on the fact that the little ball of cuteness we brought home cried until he was 5 months old, almost nonstop. He didn’t take a pacifier. He didn’t like a swing or bouncer. Tyler and I had two shows on TV at the time that we liked to watch. We alternated holding and bouncing him for 30 minute increments for those 2 different shows. Once he could start to move on his own, he became a much happier kid.

Since then, the movement hasn’t stopped. From ages 1-3, I swear that boy constantly had a bruise on his head. Once he learned to walk, he ran. As a baby clear through to today, we cannot get that kid to lay and cuddle with us for 5 minutes. It drives him crazy to sit still like that.

He has been my kid that has mispronounced the most words. (That’s because he doesn’t want to wait to figure out the right way to say what he wants to say). One of my favorites is that he used to call an “elevator” an “alligator”.

The husband and I have always attempted to be intentional not to push our likes or desires off onto our kids but instead try to let them figure out what they like. This is where this kid amazes me more than anything. He can play football in the front yard with his dad, then come in and get lost in a book.

He tries to fight with his sisters, then sits at the table making up his own stories and books with them. He complains about how his sisters drive him crazy, but freaks out a little if one is ever hurt. He gets impressed with his sister’s gymnastics moves, but rolls his eyes when she looks at him.

He tells everyone all the time about his daddy hanging the moon (because he adores him), but randomly yells my name and follows up with a “love ya” while we’re sitting in the house. He is this perfect little (big) kid full of contradiction and I love every part of it.

I was given everything I never knew I needed in that little boy. I have had nights of crying until I’ve fallen asleep after power struggles with him, but then I have had way more moments of being lost in adoration while staring at him. I look forward to doing both of those things throughout the rest of his life.

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