Firmly Fixed

We live in a different time than a lot of generations before us. Of course, I say that, and yet the more I read of history, the more I find it repeats itself. Not only that, there has been evil or “lost” in this world since the beginning of time. Maybe it’s not new, just new to us.

A lot of us take up a defensive stance on The Bible because of the time period we live in. Now listen to what I’m saying with this, we act as though WE have to protect God’s Word from being tainted by the world. Yes, we should hold God’s Word as the absolute authority and truth in life. We can’t change what the Bible says when it makes us uncomfortable or it makes our lives inconvenient. We must take the entire Bible as truth and not pick and choose what we like. (Either it’s true or it’s not).

God is not surprised by the state of the world today. God’s Word is relevant in any time period. It is here to save people today just as it was 50 or 100 years ago. We often act like it is something we must guard from the “unclean” or those we deem “unworthy” by our standards, or what we believe to be “Christian” standards.

Something that has struck me when reading about Jesus’s walk here on the earth is that he repeatedly says “I came to save, not to judge.” When Jesus came in the form of man, he came to save and redeem the lost. That is what the Word is still left here to do today. God’s Word has continued to go into the world DESPITE of our shortcomings, failures, and betrayals.

I finished reading Katie Davis’s new book Daring to Hope yesterday. She is a woman who left her life in the U.S. after going on a Mission Trip. She moved permanently to Uganda and adopted 13 girls from an orphanage. She still lives there and tries to minister and serve others in her day to day life. She talks about a situation where a mom who attended their weekly Bible Studies, showed up intoxicated after a long time period of being clean. Rather than kicking the woman out in an effort to preserve their Bible Study, she approached the woman. She asked her questions: Where her daughter was, what happened, etc. She was broken for this woman. She didn’t live in defense but met this woman where she was, and tried to figure out how to use the Gospel to help save her.

She lives in a land where poverty and extreme conditions abound. We don’t see much of what she does in our day to day life, but the same Word of God is here that she uses in Uganda. Don’t fret friends. Don’t hold back. “Forever, O LORD, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens. Your faithfulness endures to all generations; you have established the earth, and it stands fast.” Psalm 119:89-90

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