Grace Wins

The top of our Christmas tree is almost centered perfectly with a “Grace Wins” sign that I bought a couple years ago. Right now, I am laying on my couch, staring at lights on the tree. My light up star tree topper is aglow, illuminating the sign.

I can’t help but think about how grace won thousands of years ago, when a young woman found out she would carry the Christ Child. Grace won when Joseph agreed to stay with her regardless of the new predicament they found themselves in. (I bet they didn’t plan on having to explain a situation like that). Grace won as they traveled the long journey (on a donkey, while pregnant!). Grace won when she gave birth in a stable.

I love the Christmas story. I love talking about the birth of Jesus. I love thinking about a woman like Mary who said “not my will but thine”. A woman who gave birth in a place many of us prefer not to visit. There were animals all around. (Can you smell it?). There was dirt on the ground. (Can you feel it?). Then there was the cry of a babe. The beginning of God’s plan of restoration was at hand.

I know the holidays are tough for some. (To be honest, I’ve had my years of struggle with them). For some, the holidays are the best time of the year. The one day that all family puts aside their busyness to spend moments together. Regardless of your activities, regardless of where you find yourself this year, I hope you come to know the story of how Grace Won. He came not because He needed us, but because we needed Him. He brought Himself low (like born with animals low), so we can one day be brought high with Him.

Merry Christmas!

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