No Greater Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve always been impartial to Valentine’s Day.  It doesn’t excite me.  It doesn’t bother me.  I don’t really care about the gifting and you won’t find me buying $30 worth of gifts for my kiddos either.  Do I mind that others do it? Not at all.  As I said, I’m really indifferent.  I have no specific feelings about the holiday.

Of course, on Valentine’s Day, you can’t help but think of “love.”  I caught myself looking at old pictures this morning as I went down memory lane thinking about the guy I love.  I really love the guy I get to spend my life with, but that isn’t who I think of when I think of the most perfect love.

Many times, we love with conditions.  Of course, there was something that appealed to ME when I first came to notice the hubs.  He was pleasing on the eyes.  Then I came to love how calm and collected he was.  It worked well with my passionate, sometimes over-the-top personality.  I love how he aims to take care of me and our children.  I love how he never hesitates to help with one of our kids.

Do you hear a common factor in my descriptions? The common factor is me.  I didn’t just see him one day and decide “that’s the guy I’m going to love.”

Christian is completely different.  Christian love is a gift from God.  God’s love always takes the initiative.  He decided that I was worthy of love, regardless, or in spite of how I am.  When He was on the cross thousands of years ago, He displayed his love for me, before I was even formed.  How can I truly experience love? By knowing the kind of love that passes my understanding.  It’s not logical.  It doesn’t make sense.  So even when there are days that it’s not easy to love the hubs or there are days he’s acted in a way that doesn’t deserve love as a response, I can love him anyway.  Because perfect love isn’t contingent upon anything.  Perfect love is a gift.  When I struggle at giving it, I can look to the only, perfect example of love.  The gift of a love that I don’t deserve.

“We love because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

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