Why I’m welcoming the slower pace…and I think you should too.

I have spent most of this year thinking “time is going by too fast”, “I don’t get enough time with my kids”, “they are growing up quicker than I want them to”. Now we are being forced to stop everything but the necessary. There are many things in the world uncertain night now, but my house doesn’t have to be filled with chaos as well.

I’m going to use this time to savor the moments. We’re going to play board games together, watch family movies, tell corny jokes . (Okay, that’s just me). We ordered nail polish with our online grocery order so the girls and I can have a nail painting party. We’ve mandated reading times throughout the day. We are all sleeping in and relaxing in the afternoons if we want to. We can exercise together, because we’re actually home together.

I’m going to be intentional with people. In a time of having a lot of “on the surface” relationships, I’m going to check in on my friends more. I’m going to see if they have any needs I can help meet. (I’ve already had a friend help meet mine when I couldn’t find any disinfectant wipes after I ran out). I’m going to try to encourage, because yes, the days will get long occasionally.

I’m going to not over-prepare for the unknown to make sure those who actually need supplies can get them. When I start to worry about those in I know in the medical field, I’m going to pray for them. (Which we really should be doing any way). I have one child scheduled to have surgery next week that I can’t put off. The hospital has already called about their new protocols. I’m going to let go and trust God in situations I can’t control-like that one. I’m going to begin practicing trust more.

There are many sad aspects about the sporting events that were abruptly ended or that have been delayed to start. I won’t deny that at all, but I also spend a lot of my time telling my kids that sports are a good thing but they aren’t everything. My son struggled last year when he broke his arm and wasn’t able to play football. What a better way to model that than during this time? I have pointed out the athletes to my kids that are already using their status and salary to help pay the salaries of others. I’m showing them that the world will literally go on without sports for a while.

Because the truth is this: it will end some day. We will be back to running after our kids activities and events like crazy. Sports will once again resume. I will be searching for a few spare moments to read a book. I will be whining for more sleep. So let’s try to make some good memories; stop and savor the moments. This too shall pass.

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