Yours truly at a Christmas concert when I was a kid

I’ve looked at this picture I found several times today. What would I say to this girl, as a now 34 year old?

Hey there pretty little self. 😉 I look at this picture and think about all the life that has occurred between then and now. A lot of your preconceived ideas of what would make you strong turned out to be wrong, but somehow in those faults you found even more strength.

Things I thought would make me a strong woman:

  • Working/studying as many hours as I could fit into the day.
  • Sleeping 5 hours a night.
  • Making sure people only ever saw me at my best.
  • Getting all the accolades and awards.
  • Confidently depending on myself alone.
  • Obsessing over ever aspect of my life.

Things that have actually made me a strong woman:

  • Prioritizing life outside of work.
  • Regularly making time for rest.
  • Being someone who tries to walk in truth and integrity, regardless of popularity. (And owning my failures when I do it wrong).
  • Giving up myself for the betterment of others.
  • Being confident standing alone, but knowing I am not weak for wanting or depending on others. (Looking at you hubs).
  • Reminding myself of the bigger pictures of life and to not let the nonessential things dictate my mood or actions.

Life’s a trip, man. 34 years and it humbles me and makes me grateful regularly.

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